INOMATION is a company composed of passionate engineers who are convinced by the technical solutions they propose to customers. We are here, in the first place, to provide a personalized service of high quality. Even if requirements often look the same at first glance, they remain however unique and specific to each client.

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INOMATION attaches high importance to support and assist companies on their way towards automation. Particularly for those who, for different reasons (confidentiality, stability control or scalability of their infrastructures) prefer to go for a Private Cloud infrastructure rather than for "Public Cloud" offers.

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Performance Analysis

Network and application performance analysis has become a very frequent request and a hot topic for the customers.

INOMATION has developed a set of services around network and performance analysis to respond to this demand.

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Next Generation Services

Jobs change, competencies overlap and infrastructures converge. Taylor-made services in our areas of competence become highly important when it comes to meet the very demanding requests of customers.

Our NGS services allow for making the step towards the world of DevOps in your company

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The corporate networks need a significant consideration because they are the backbone of all information systems.

INOMATION assists you from the architecture up to the maintenance of your LAN/WLAN and WAN networks, to let you focus on providing optimized services to all your end users.

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System & Virtualization

Optimization, cost-rationalization, efficiency and simplification are today’s challenges. Virtualization and Hyperconvergence are, amongst others, the technological answers to your today’s business requirements.

With INOMATION, being a partner familiar with the implementation of these technologies, can design the most adapted solution to your actual needs and budget without constraints for future scale.

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Globally in the last decades, the quantity of storage needed for keeping or treating data has grown exponentially. It then becomes one of the critical points that should be addressed in the company.

INOMATION proposes highly available systems; these solutions also let you minimize RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) in the case of incidents.

Automation services

  • Implementation of Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • Evaluation of operational processes

  • Scripts and processes of automation

  • Change management assistance

Infrastructure Services

  • Consultancy, audits and architectures

  • Integration

  • Support & operation

  • Troubleshooting

Our Solutions

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Who is ExtraHop?

Wire data is the broadest and richest source of insight available to IT organizations. Because of this, leading industry analysts recommend prioritizing wire data when creating an IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) strategy. ExtraHop’s stream analytics platform makes wire data fast and simple.

Why ExtraHop?

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is an approach to IT operations data that allows you to understand and make decisions about your IT environment. ITOA applies Big Data principles to your IT environment so you have a broader context—and clearer operational intelligence—about what's happening in your organization.

Watch this 90 second video to learn more.


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Virtualize Your External Storage Hardware

The SANsymphony-V software runs on standard x86 servers, providing one set of common storage services across all storage devices.

The combined storage capacity of the different devices is managed as a shared pool to eliminate wasted space.

Unlike storage systems communicate seamlessly reducing complexity and preventing downtime.

Data is replicated between nodes leaving no single point of failure. You can seamlessly scale up and scale out choosing the most appropriate hardware manufacturer for each class of storage and servers.


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Our Company

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    Our Vision

    INOMATION is and wants to stay a company of human size. Growth is important but not under any condition.

    The company will position itself in the market as an important actor first of all on a regional level with the ability to take over country wide responsibilities. We wish to be perceived as a long term partner acting in the interest of our customers.

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    Our Mission

    INOMATION wishes to introduce a new approach to converged infrastructures. These infrastructures will gradually and continuously be commoditized and therefore need to be more and more agile in order to respond to the digital transformation companies are about to undergo.

    INOMATION assists its customers in this transformation by proposing personalised and innovative infrastructure automation services.

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    Nos Valeurs

    One of INOMATION’s major challenges is the creation of activities based on strong human and social values. In the first place through social and pay equity but also across a set of measures aiming for, i. e., personal development and sense of accomplishment and this on all levels of the company. Furthermore, the balance between professional and private life is part of the company’s driving forces.

    Most of all, INOMATION aims to develop and establish a culture of confidence with customers, employees and partners.